9 Tips to Increase Your Followers on Instagram!

Instagram is a popular app found on iOS, Android as well as Windows phones that enables users to share, send and upload photos among their own instagram community or across other social networking sites. For anyone who possesses an Instagram account, having a huge number of followers is always good as it warrants their Instagram presence and increases their popularity in the social networking arena. This article discusses how to buy Instagram followers and increase the number of followers in a jiffy!

∑ Follow communities: Since Instagram is after all a community, you should participate and interact with other people who interest you and whose photos appeal to you. By following others’ accounts you invariably increase your own followers count.

∑ Like & Comment: Once you have started following people whose photos interest you, like and comment on their posts once in a while. This will bring you to notice and other people will show more interest to check out your profile and even follow you in return. Also stay active and make it a point to upload photos after every two days or so.

Buying followers on Instagram is the practice of increasing your followers in a very short period of time. If you aim to use Instagram to promote a business, then it is all the more important for you to buy instagram followers. Increasing Instagram followers in the conventional, organic way is time-consuming and requires you to stay active on social media all the time. An easy way out is to hire a service, that boosts your outreach and hikes your follower base. Here is how to buy Instagram followers:

∑ Ask for recommendations: Always bank upon companies you know. There are several websites who claim to provide you with a million instagram followers in return for a lump sum of money, however not all such companies are genuine. Ask friends or peers from your social circle, who have also resorted to companies to build their Instagram follower base.

∑ Stay aware: Since this is the age of cyber crime, danger lurks everywhere in the social media, so never divulge your personal details to any company. The service you choose may be fraudulent, so do not give away passwords, security questions and credit card details, more than necessary.

∑ Compare and Contrast prices: Instagram follower sites always wax and wane in popularity, so only search for active websites who know the trends of the social media and offer a reasonable price. It never hurts to read their reviews and compare prices of a few sites, before hiring one. Do not pay more than 15 cents per follower.

∑ Look for guarantee: Merely buying followers is not enough, the company should also provide a guarantee of maintaining the follower count for a period of 60 days, to say the least. Either ask for quotes or sign a contract which includes the condition of guarantee.

∑ Buy followers in increments: As much as you are desperate to increase your follower count, be subtle on this whole affair of buying them. If you suddenly land up with a lakh of followers overnight, it will only give a clue to your real followers that you have chosen to buy, rather than earn so many followers. So buy in small increments.

∑ Buy likes along with followers: Having a huge number of followers without sufficient likes on your photos makes it obvious that you have bought them. So remember to buy likes for certain posts as well.

By following these few steps, you can increase your Instagram follower count in no time at all! In order to buy instagram followers, always seek out companies who have good reviews and charge reasonable prices.